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Resolve to Care for Your HVAC System in Time for the New Year

The HVAC in your home requires proper care year-round. However, the holidays can place added stress your system, which is why you should resolve to care for your HVAC system for the new year. Whether you hosted friends and family from out of town, or weathered unseasonably cold temps, your HVAC was likely working overtime. In order to keep it running properly, we have five resolutions you should make for 2019…
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Filter Fall Allergies Out of Your Home

After a long, hot summer, many of us welcome the cooler temperatures and brisk air associated with the arrival of autumn. Unfortunately, fall finds a number of people struggling with seasonal allergies. Luckily, your HVAC filters can help filter fall allergies out of your home. This is great news, especially in light of allergy statistics researched and published by Johns Hopkins University, “Allergies affect more than 50 million people in the United States. Pollen allergy (hay fever or allergic rhinitis) affects about 8 percent of adults in the United States. Allergies are the sixth leading chronic illness in the United
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Can a smart thermostat help my business?

While we know that smart thermostats can help the homeowner regulate their home’s temperature and save their home from potential catastrophe, many business owners are still using old-style thermostats and don’t give much thought to using smart thermostats. Should businesses use smart thermostat systems for their business?
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What are the most common AC repairs?

You may be wondering “what’s wrong with my air conditioner” as the warm weather starts to ramp up. Maybe it’s not cooling air as quickly as it used to, or it’s making a strange noise. Whatever your issue may be, we can help. If you need air conditioner assistance, contact Home Air Plus today. Common Problem: Refrigerant Leak In order to keep things cool and create cool air, an air conditioner needs refrigerant liquid like a car or a, you guessed it, refrigerator. If this liquid begins to leak out of one of the lines or seals, this can drastically
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My power went out! How can I stay warm?

When the power goes out, so does your heat in most cases. Unless you have a wood burning stove, chances are you’re going to be in the dark and shivering if the power goes out for a bit of time. Is there anything you can do to keep heat in when the power goes out? Keep Doors and Windows Shut One big thing that’s going to keep warmth from disappearing from your home is making sure that all windows and doors are shut. It sounds silly, but if you have a window fan in, you may want to take it
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