We’re celebrating 30 years!

Success is reaching a birthday and finding you’re exactly the same. Audrey Hepburn This week, Home Air Plus is celebrating 30 years in the business! We set out with the goal to create a reliable service with great customer relationships. It hasn’t always been easy. The financial dip in 2008 and many other pitfalls along the way challenged entrepreneurs all over New Hampshire and the country. New technology, changing times, and the advent of the internet brought us into a new era!
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Winter Safety for HVAC, Space Heaters, and More

The last gasp of winter is still hitting New England hard, and it’s important to review HVAC and heating safety for homeowners and their families even this late in the season. Early on as the snows fall, we’re all more alert to issues. In late winter safety concerns about our HVAC and furnaces often take a back seat as we scramble to get ready for spring. HVAC Exhaust Every gas, oil, kerosene, or diesel fuel burning furnace must have some kind of outdoor exhaust. During the winter, remember to safety check your HVAC exhaust pipe after every snowfall and clear
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Resolve to Care for Your HVAC System in Time for the New Year

The HVAC in your home requires proper care year-round. However, the holidays can place added stress your system, which is why you should resolve to care for your HVAC system for the new year. Whether you hosted friends and family from out of town, or weathered unseasonably cold temps, your HVAC was likely working overtime. In order to keep it running properly, we have five resolutions you should make for 2019…
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Avoid Winter Dryness With a Humidifier

Winter is cold. We get it. Winter is also the time of year where oftentimes it gets incredibly dry in your home. With humidity leaving the air and instead turning into a nice bit of precipitation called snow, plus heating our homes, we’re left with dry air in many of our homes. If you suffer from static shock, dry skin, or even nosebleeds during the winter, you may suffer from the effects of winter’s dry air. If you’re sick of your clothes sticking to you or your hair sticking to your clothes or even dry, itchy skin, it may be
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Why Give Your Home’s Old Heating Equipment the Heave-Ho?

As winter approaches, many homeowners start thinking about the cost of heating their homes and ways to offset some of this considerable financial burden. Not only is heating your home costly, but inefficient systems can contribute to environmental pollution, raising the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels. The answer? A more efficient, cost-effective heating system.
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