5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Smells

Bad smells are the worst. They can permeate your house and make it difficult to live in. If there’s a bad smell in your home, the culprit might be your air conditioner. Sometimes known as “dirty-sock syndrome,” a smelly air conditioner can ruin your day. If you turned on your air conditioner this summer and discovered it’s sending a bad smell throughout your house, you may be wondering why. There are actually a variety of things that might be the reason your air conditioner smells.

It has mold and mildew

Excess humidity and moisture in your air conditioner mean it isn’t properly draining. Air conditioners actually help to remove excess moisture from your home, which means it needs to drain. If it’s not draining properly, this can create mold and bacteria, which creates a bad odor and can be bad for your respiratory health. A good cleaning can get rid of the problem. Depending on your system, a UV-C sanitizer system can also help with this. 

It’s clogged or dirty

Your evaporator coil can get dirty, and your condensate pans can get clogged, which might be the reason for your smelly air conditioner. If you’re smoking inside the home, your filter and evaporator coil can also pick up that smell. Either way, it will need to be professionally cleaned. 

An animal got into your air duct

If your air conditioner smells, a dead animal might be the issue. Occasionally, small animals like birds and rodents are looking for shelter and might make their way into your air duct. These animals typically die and start to decompose in your duct, creating a terrible smell that spreads through your home. Don’t worry though, removing the animal along with a professional cleaning can get rid of the smell. 

There’s a mechanical issue

It’s possible that your air conditioner has some sort of mechanical failure. This can be an overheating motor or a wiring issue. If you smell something burning, be sure to shut off your HVAC system and call a professional like Home Air Plus. The issue could also be the AC’s circuit board or fan motor, which would smell more like gunpowder. Again, we recommend consulting a professional immediately. 

There’s a gas leak

This is another important issue that requires immediate professional attention. If you’re smelling bad eggs, there could be a gas leak. Natural gas does not have a smell, so manufacturers add in an odor to help make a gas leak more noticeable. Take safety precautions right after you notice the smell. 

We recommend never ignoring a bad smell because it’s usually a sign that something is wrong. Mold, which is bad for your respiratory health, can also be a culprit of a bad smell. Smells can permeate into your furniture and clothes… And no one wants to live in a smelly home!
You always want to call a professional to deal with these issues and to make sure everything is safe. If you’re struggling with a smelly air conditioner, reach out to us so we can help!

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