Why’s my bill so high? 4 ways to combat winter heating bills

If your winter heating bills are exorbitant and through the roof, you may be wondering why. If your home is sucking up the heat and your bill is out of control, here are some ideas to suss out the problem and to help you reduce your heating costs for the winter.

#1: Your heating system is inefficient

If you’re running a very old heating system, it may be time to upgrade. However, an inefficient heating system can come in a variety of forms. Inefficiency may come in the form of air duct leakage, a poorly tuned system, clogged air ducts, badly routed ducting, or other problems. Having a professional come out to assess your heating system for its efficiency is important. So is keeping up on yearly maintenance!

#2: Your thermostat is old or bad

Old round Honeywell wall thermostat

A bad, malfunctioning thermostat can have your heat turning on and off when it shouldn’t be. A non-programmable thermostat might keep your home at one consistent temperature, but you can rake in some savings by dropping the temperature at night while you’re sleeping, or in rooms you’re not using. Consider upgrading!

#3: Your insulation is poor

If you have an older home, you may be more likely to find your insulation to be the culprit of your heating bill woes. Insufficient insulation can cause hot and cool air to escape from your home. Insufficient insulation can be in your walls or attic.

#4: Unsealed doors and windows

If you’re continually losing heat, especially around windows and doors, you may want to consider checking for leaks. Sealing, or re-sealing, your windows and doors can help air from escaping through cracks. Check your door’s sweeps and weather seals, especially in daylight. If you can see sunlight through it, then air’s coming through!

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