3 Essential ways to prep your HVAC for spring

Is your house’s HVAC system prepared for the spring? As the weather gets warmer, make sure that you are ready for all that it brings — that means prepping for warm weather. In New England, sometimes spring can last a few days, a few weeks, or a month or two. Summer will be here before you know it, and preparing your HVAC system for increased loads and demands is important. Here’s how you can prepare:

#1 Air Filter Changes

Have you changed your HVAC’s air filter recently? If not, it could be a reason why your allergies are acting up. Spring brings pollen and, if you haven’t swapped out your air filter, things like pollen and dust particles are swept right into your home and blown around by your HVAC system – where they can affect you and your family. 

Not only do air filters protect you from airborne particles, but they also help your system run more efficiently, which saves you money. Air filters trap airborne particles that your heating and air conditioning system brings in from outside. When your air filter isn’t changed out regularly, those particles can clog up your system and damage it. With a simple fix, changing your air filter can save you money and keep you and your family healthy during allergy season! 

#2 Chemical Coil Cleaning

If you have a ductless air conditioning system, having clean coils in your air conditioner is important. Coils that are fouled with dirt and grime cannot effectively supply proper heat transfer, which can result in greater energy conduction, meaning bigger energy bills when you run it. If you want to save money on your utility bill and extend the life of your AC, make sure to keep your air conditioner’s coils clean and well maintained. Coils can and should be maintained up to four times a year to prevent deterioration, but if it’s been a while, you may need to have your coils chemically treated by an HVAC professional (Like Home Air Plus, Inc!). 

#3 Regular AC Check-Ups

As the weather gets warmer, we’ll be turning on our air conditioners before we know it. Now is the time to make sure everything is in working order and is prepared to work properly throughout the hot months. Having your air conditioner regularly checked is the best way to keep your system running longer and more efficient, and will help reduce the number of expensive fixes and replacements it may need in the future. As there are many components to your air conditioner and HVAC system, there are quite a few checks to make, like checking refrigerant levels, calibrating the thermostat, and cleaning or replacing filters or oil motors, to name a few. Having your AC checked regularly will save you the hassle of needing it fixed during the summer, and will extend the life of your system significantly. 

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