How Your Heating System Can Help With Your Health

If you have poor health, or possibly suffer from bad allergies like most of us, you may not consider your heating system to be an integral part to your overall health. Dusting and cleaning regularly are generally no brainers, but it may come as a shock to you to realize that a few improvements and upgrades to your heating system can actually help make your home healthier and more comfortable.

Your HVAC is your home’s way of breathing

Think of it this way… Your heating system needs to get air from somewhere. Generally speaking, air will likely be drawn in from your home, circulated through your HVAC system, and then pushed out with the “new” air, which can be either cooled or heated, depending on your particular preference at that time. What’s great about this is that you can actually treat the air as it’s moving.

Fresh filters for fresh air

One important factor to maintaining your health and your furnace’s health is to swap out the filter for a fresh one every once in a while. Generally speaking, furnace filters should probably be changed out once every three months. A fresh filter will allow air to pass through easier and keep your furnace from lumbering.

When you go to pick up a new filter, take a look at what’s available. There are filters that can actually remove allergens from your home’s air, helping alleviate allergic reactions. Some filters even remove pollen and pet dander! Consider using one of these to make your home more comfortable.

Out of sight, out of mind?

One thing you might not put much thought into is your ductwork. Too often it’s out of sight in basements or attics, and when it leaves our sight, we don’t really tend to think about it until it becomes a problem. Ducts, especially those with openings in floors, can collect dust, grime, sand, and other gross bits that you wouldn’t want circulating in your air. A quick vacuum of the insides can help, but a professional duct cleaning should be conducted every three to five years.

Have a funky smell in your home? Maybe it’s a bit on the moldy odorous side, and you can’t locate the source of the smell? It could be your ducts!

Seal out the bad…

Duct sealing is another great way you can upgrade your HVAC system to assist with your health. Duct sealing essentially eliminates areas that air can be drawn in from outside the ducts, or air can escape where you don’t want it to. Sealing your HVAC ducts can help with the efficiency of your furnace, and keep moldy or mildewy air (such as that found in a moist basement) from entering the air that will be delivered to your home through your registers.

Whichever you need help with, we can assist you with keeping you and your furnace happy, healthy, and comfortable. Contact Home Air Plus today to get started!

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