We’re celebrating 30 years!

Success is reaching a birthday and finding you’re exactly the same.

Audrey Hepburn

This week, Home Air Plus is celebrating 30 years in the business! We set out with the goal to create a reliable service with great customer relationships. It hasn’t always been easy. The financial dip in 2008 and many other pitfalls along the way challenged entrepreneurs all over New Hampshire and the country. New technology, changing times, and the advent of the internet brought us into a new era!

When we started three decades ago, it was clear that developing technology in the HVAC field was going to test us. We stayed on top of the newest in heating and cooling technology. We continued to learn and grow with the changing times, and it most definitely helped us get where we are today. We built relationships and partnerships with our customers and with our community which hold true to this day.

To our customers: We wouldn’t be here without you! In all seriousness, we are so thankful for the repeat business and chance to show our hard work. Many of our customers have become like family to us. We are blessed to have such strong relationships in a service field.

To our team members: To stay in business for 30 years takes a lot of commitment, hard work, and the contributions of talented, patient, smart people. Home Air Plus wouldn’t be the same without you.

To our community partners and networking peers: Your referrals and support have helped make this business great. Without the kind of entrepreneurial support we’ve gotten from all of our local business contacts throughout the years, it would’ve been a much harder road to prove ourselves. Thank you!

So here’s looking at a great business anniversary for Home Air Plus Heating and Air Conditioning. We hope to keep serving you for many years to come.

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