What is ductless AC and why would I want it?

You may have heard of ductless air conditioning, but how does it work exactly? What are the pros and cons of having a ductless air conditioning system? Should you get one? We explain everything in this tell all ductless AC post!

How does ductless air conditioning work?

First, let’s talk about traditional central air conditioning. Central air uses a compressor to produce cold air, which is then delivered throughout your home using a network of ducts… Usually the same ducts that your heat also travels through. Central air is great in a lot of ways, but can sometimes need a little help from a ductless unit.

Ductless air conditioning works a little differently. A ductless AC unit would be installed on your wall (or elsewhere) of your home, which is then connected to an outside unit that pumps in refrigerant. The ductless AC unit actually creates the cool air and distributes it directly from the unit… Almost like a window air conditioner, but better! If you have a home that is run entirely on ductless units, you will have a ductless AC unit in each room that will deliver consistently cool air to your room.

Does a ductless AC unit have to be installed on a wall?

No! Some units can be installed on the ceiling or even the floor. Some units can even be concealed pretty nicely.

Is a ductless AC unit a good solution to a central air conditioner that doesn’t cool equally?

Yes! Ductless air conditioning can be installed on its own, or even as a solution for areas that your central air just doesn’t reach very well. We know that homes can have difficulties spreading around heat and cool air, and some rooms can always end up way too hot during those grueling summer months. A ductless AC can be a perfect solution for this problem.

Are ductless AC units cost effective?

Yes! Ductless AC is far less expensive than central air, easier to retrofit, easier to zone properly, and operates much more efficiently than a central unit. Many people say you can save up to 30% on your electric bills running a ductless unit over a window unit. That’s a huge savings!

What about in the winter?

Did you know that if you fit your ductless AC unit with a heat pump it can become a great source for heat? What better way to be more energy efficient and cut down on your utility bills than to invest in an energy-smart ductless AC unit and/or heat pump?

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