Resolve to Care for Your HVAC System in Time for the New Year

The HVAC in your home requires proper care year-round. However, the holidays can place added stress your system, which is why you should resolve to care for your HVAC system for the new year. Whether you hosted friends and family from out of town, or weathered unseasonably cold temps, your HVAC was likely working overtime. In order to keep it running properly, we have five resolutions you should make for 2019…

Replace the Air Filter in Your Furnace

Proof of added stress on your heating system can be found in traces of dirt and dust on your air filter. A quick check involves removing the filter and inspecting it against a strong light. Any inability to see light through the filter means it is high time for a new one. A new air filter will support a more efficient heating system, not to mention cleaner air throughout your home.

Deep Dive for Signs of Damage

Take a careful inventory of your air ducts and insulation, making sure they are clear and/or intact. Sometimes, when your household is hustling and bustling more so than usual, you might overlook a vent that is obstructed by a carpet corner or a recently moved piece of furniture.

Even more concerning, during the winter season pests have a tendency to enter homes in order to shelter from colder temperatures. Check your insulation and spaces like your attic or basement to insure that your HVAC system isn’t being unnecessarily stressed by uninvited guests.

Take Stock of Your Thermostat

Did you crank the heat to accommodate elderly relatives visiting for the holidays? Or were you traveling and set the thermostat low while away? Whatever the case, reevaluate where your thermostat is now in light of your more routine plans for the new year.

Clear Debris from Exterior HVAC Components

Whether the debris means inches of ice or snow dumped by a blizzard or a mess of dead, scattered leaves, inspect your exterior HVAC components so that they are clear of damaging debris.

Be Proactive and Make a Plan

Making a plan involves establishing proper, routine maintenance for your HVAC system. Contact our team in order to schedule regular maintenance, including yearly inspections, in order to get the most out of your HVAC system all year.

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