Avoid Winter Dryness With a Humidifier

Winter is cold. We get it. Winter is also the time of year where oftentimes it gets incredibly dry in your home. With humidity leaving the air and instead turning into a nice bit of precipitation called snow, plus heating our homes, we’re left with dry air in many of our homes. If you suffer from static shock, dry skin, or even nosebleeds during the winter, you may suffer from the effects of winter’s dry air.

If you’re sick of your clothes sticking to you or your hair sticking to your clothes or even dry, itchy skin, it may be time to start thinking about using a humidifier during the winter. Even if you use a humidifier only in the rooms that you use the most, or to help you become more comfortable while you sleep, just introducing a little bit of extra humidity into the air can help you become more comfortable.

Humidifying the air in your home also comes with an additional benefit to comfort. You know how in the summer when it’s very humid, it feels like it’s much hotter than when it’s dryer out. There’s a reason for this that has to do with our bodies and how they function. When it’s more humid in the air, your sweat evaporates slower, which causes the body to heat up and feel more warm. That means adding humidity to the air = the air feels warmer, which means that you may not have to turn up your thermostat as high as you may when it’s a much dryer room.

Are humidifiers expensive to run?

Humidifiers are given a bad rep. They’re often mistaken for dehumidifiers that may need to run for much more time and can cause significant increases in an electrical bill. Humidifiers, on the other hand, can run on as little as 25 watts of electricity. Wouldn’t you trade 25 watts for personal comfort any day?

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