Why Give Your Home’s Old Heating Equipment the Heave-Ho?

As winter approaches, many homeowners start thinking about the cost of heating their homes and ways to offset some of this considerable financial burden. Not only is heating your home costly, but inefficient systems can contribute to environmental pollution, raising the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide levels. The answer? A more efficient, cost-effective heating system.

Feel the Burn

According to Smarter House, heating your home is likely your largest annual expense as a homeowner, estimated anywhere between 35% and 50% of your yearly energy expenses. It’s possible to offset these considerable costs by installing a more effective, high-efficiency heating system in your home.

The Earth will thank you, too, because your more efficient operation will stop an additional average 1-2 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, especially if your residence is located in a colder climate, like New England with its long winters.

Factors Impacting the Efficiency of Your Home’s Heating System

The amount of energy required to heat your home depends on the following four factors:

  • Geographic location (consider the seasonal climate)
  • The size of your house
  • Overall energy efficiency of your house
  • Energy efficiency of the heating system used in your house

Unless you’re determined to downsize, you’re pretty much stuck when it comes to size. Same goes for where your home is located, unless retiring to kinder climates appeals to you. But, when it comes to energy efficiency, there is so much you can do right where you are.

First, enhancing the overall efficiency of your home is an easy way to offset associated costs. Consider getting a energy audit of your home. Some areas will offer these for free or a reduced amount… usually through energy efficiency programs. If not, take a peek for yourself at the condition/amount of the home insulation and duct insulation. These are smart strategies to ensure your home’s optimal efficiency.

Hone in on the Heating System

Hopping across the pond for a moment, here is a quick breakdown of heating facts, measured in British thermal units (Btus). To give you an appreciation of the amount of energy it takes to heat your home, striking a match equals 1 Btu. Your house relies on an estimated tens of thousands of Btus on a typical winter day… that’s a lot of matches.

And that’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your heating system is as efficient as possible, which is where we come in. Winter is right around the corner. Rather than invest in millions of matches, take some steps to keep your home cozy by opting for a high-efficiency heating system.

Let Us Ensure Efficiency for Your Home’s Heating System

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, our team at Home Air Plus has access to an assortment of high efficiency heating equipment from natural gas, oil, propane, and heat pumps. Trust us to assist you in figuring out which heating system makes the most sense for your home.

For enhanced efficiency, you can also take advantage of our computer design services, meant to save you money, no matter how low the temperature drops. In addition, we’ll keep you updated on your heating system’s eligibility for federal, state, or manufacturer-specific rebate offers.

Contact our team to get an estimate on a new, high-efficiency heating system, or take a look at what it would take to enhance the system you’re currently using for optimal efficiency and savings.

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