Can a smart thermostat help my business?

While we know that smart thermostats can help the homeowner regulate their home’s temperature and save their home from potential catastrophe, many business owners are still using old-style thermostats and don’t give much thought to using smart thermostats. Should businesses use smart thermostat systems for their business?

Controlling heating and air conditioning costs in your business is a huge was to save money as well as electricity. The best way you can do this is to program a thermostat. Still, most conventional thermostats, even programmable ones, have a limited way to control the temperature. Day to night, and from day to day… But what happens when the temperature changes outside, and a day that you thought would need AC actually needs some heat? This is where smart thermostats prevail.

Not only can a smart thermostat in the business help to keep you comfortable, if you leave early for the day, close up due to a storm or otherwise, you can easily control the temperature and reduce or increase it from anywhere. You can make changes from your wi-fi enabled device while in a meeting, in the car, at home, or anywhere else.

With 24 hour a day access to your smart thermostat, you can make changes if necessary… Or not! Smart thermostats such as Nest come with built in programming that “learn” daily settings and occupancy. After a while, you won’t need to make any changes, optimizing your business’ energy efficiency… Except in case of emergency.

Here’s another great thought. If you have a big building, you can control more than one thermostat from your device. No more running around your business changing settings on wall thermostats because someone complained it was too hot upstairs. Make changes to your business’ HVAC easily from anywhere.

Another great feature is that many smart thermostats can alert you, directly on your phone or to your email, in the case of any sort of HVAC failure or maintenance needs. Imagining if you found out that your AC was struggling before everyone in your business formal office was sweating. You can prevent catastrophe with the help of a smart thermostat. You also can review and receive reports from your smart thermostat system, which will help you decide who, where, and what is using your HVAC system at your business the most.

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