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Can a smart thermostat help my business?

While we know that smart thermostats can help the homeowner regulate their home’s temperature and save their home from potential catastrophe, many business owners are still using old-style thermostats and don’t give much thought to using smart thermostats. Should businesses use smart thermostat systems for their business?
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Can a “smart” thermostat save my house from disaster?

People generally think of smart thermostats (AKA wifi thermostats) as something your coworker pulls out just before the end of work day to make sure it’s comfy when they get home. Of course you can do that, but these things can do SO much more. During the recent cold snap I was witness to much destruction due to heating system failures and frozen pipes. So that got me thinking… I guess people probably don’t know about these nifty little additions. With most decent smart thermostats, you can set high and low limit warnings. Meaning, let’s say as an example, if
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