What are the most common AC repairs?

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You may be wondering “what’s wrong with my air conditioner” as the warm weather starts to ramp up. Maybe it’s not cooling air as quickly as it used to, or it’s making a strange noise. Whatever your issue may be, we can help. If you need air conditioner assistance, contact Home Air Plus today.

Common Problem: Refrigerant Leak

In order to keep things cool and create cool air, an air conditioner needs refrigerant liquid like a car or a, you guessed it, refrigerator. If this liquid begins to leak out of one of the lines or seals, this can drastically decrease the pressure needed to complete the cooling process. Less refrigerant can often mean less cold air. When diagnosing this issue, we will check for any leaks, repair the leak, and “recharge” or refill your air conditioning unit with refrigerant.

Common Problem: Frozen Coil

Yes, an air conditioning unit can be so cold it freezes itself! Usually this happens when there’s a problem with air flow within the unit, causing cool air to become trapped inside. That’s why it’s important to check and clean air filters and other areas where your air conditioner needs to “breathe”. Sometimes low refrigerant levels can also cause this issue. Whatever the cause, we can help diagnose and fix it.

Common Problem: Bad Wiring

Bad or faulty wiring, either completed poorly by a previous homeowner, a DIYer, or even just wiring that has been frayed or worn for other reasons can cause a lot of issues such as the tripping of circuit breakers or in the worst case scenario can be a fire hazard! Making sure that your air conditioning unit is wired properly and safely will save you from costly repairs and help give you peace of mind when it comes to fire safety in your home.

Common Problem: Drainage Issue

Your air conditioning unit comes with automatic drainage, but if this drainage area becomes clogged, you can have problems with your unit lumbering or having trouble running. Checking your condensate drain for debris, algae, mold, or anything else and cleaning it out can help your system work properly. A damaged drain component can also cause problems with your system.

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