Think Spring: It’s Time for AC Maintenance!

While we might be struggling with intermittent snow right now in NH, when warm weather hits, usually it hits hard. Ninety-degree weather and blazing sunlight is just around the corner. It’s not too early to start thinking about the health of your air conditioning system.

Why bother with an AC tune up?

Ductless Air Conditioning UnitThe big question is does anyone bother with an AC tune up, and why should they? There are a lot of answers to this question, but the easiest is that spending a little money now on an AC tune up can help you save loads during the sweltering summer. It’s the same as your heating — it only tends to have problems when it is working the hardest, which usually means it’s going to be the most unbearable. You don’t want to be without air conditioning when it’s humid and nearing a hundred; you also don’t want to be paying colossal amounts of money to cool your place either.

Another reason an AC tune up should be on your spring checklist is that an air conditioner that’s in tune produces colder air. Just like your car gets better gas mileage when you have properly inflated the tires, an air conditioner produces the coldest air when it is properly maintained.

What happens during a tune up?

An air conditioning tune up can involve several steps including replacing or cleaning an air conditioning filter. It can also include cleaning out drain channels, checking coils, checking the amount of refrigerant, checking seals and for leakage in duct work, inspecting electrical terminals, and other general maintenance items.

These are all important items to keep your central air conditioning HVAC system running. If you’ve spent a sizeable amount on your HVAC system, you can’t simply “throw it away” — preventative maintenance can save you from colossal failure and large repairs in the future.

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