Does an extra warm winter mean an extra warm summer?

Mitsubishi Heat PumpExtra warm Winter… extra warm Summer too??

The REAL answer is…

Oh wait, DARN! My crystal ball just went out again! Okay, I know deep down that global warming is a bad thing but… yeah, it was kind of nice to have an above-average winter. I’m still just recovering from last winter. All I can say is thank you El Niño!

Let’s get to the point of this article. I say make summer what YOU want. As a matter of fact, make ALL the seasons what you want. Here at Home Air Plus, we can create any climate environment you’d like in your house. We can make it cool and dry in the summer with one of our central AC units, or, one of our ductless style air conditioners. We can make it warm and cozy in the winter. We can add humidity to the air with an automatic humidifier (people really like the “automatic” part).  We can purify the air… well, I guess you get the idea by now.

Your home is your biggest investment and place of rest and revitalization. You work hard all day. Why not come home to a comfortable home? We can install a new Mitsubishi ductless AC or heat pump in just about any home. Have forced hot water heat? No problem, no ductwork needed for these. Just want to air condition one room? Or one level? No problem, we have ductless units in all sizes. And most install in just one day. We are also a Mitsubishi “Diamond Dealer”, which means our customers receive a longer factory warranty at no extra charge.

A crystal ball would be nice for some things. I could think a few times one would have come in handy. But hey, just knowing what’s coming doesn’t keep you cool and comfortable in the summer heat does it? So don’t wait, call Home Air Plus today for a free estimate on YOUR new AC system!

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