Have a bloody nose? Get rid of it!

HEY YOU! Do you want a bloody nose buddy?!

Home Air PlusI think most people would answer no to that! I like my nose just the way it is, thank you very much. But when the humidity runs too low in your home this is exactly what you’ll get. Other symptoms include dry skin, annoying static shocks, drying/cracking of wood products (furniture, cabinets, flooring, fine woodworking, etc). Women with long hair know this all too well when their hair just doesn’t want to cooperate and decides to defy gravity (and hair spray), frustrating them to no end. Yup, that’s low humidity.

The easiest way around this is adding a whole-house humidifier to your warm air heating system. These humidifiers are automatic, meaning you just set the humidity level where you like and they will fill, empty, and operate by themselves. The humidity created is then distributed to all the rooms in your home through the furnace ductwork. No need for multiple “stand alone” units.

Okay, so we know that the correct humidity level in your home has many benefits…, did I mention it could save you money as well? Just like a humid summer day makes you feel warmer, so does adding more humidity in your home in the winter. In my experience, most people report that they can lower their thermostat setting by 1-2 degrees and still feel as warm. So, it’s usually cheaper to add humidity to your home than to burn more fuel.

Here at Home Air Plus, we’re ready to help you with all your indoor environment issues. Some examples would be high humidity, low humidity, too warm, too cool, air cleaning, venting, and fresh air introduction. Healthy homes have control of all these conditions, and, a healthy home equals healthy occupants. Contact us today if you want to get started on fixing any of your home air quality issues. Stay healthy my friend…

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