Can a “smart” thermostat save my house from disaster?

People generally think of smart thermostats (AKA wifi thermostats) as something your coworker pulls out just before the end of work day to make sure it’s comfy when they get home. Of course you can do that, but these things can do SO much more. During the recent cold snap I was witness to much destruction due to heating system failures and frozen pipes. So that got me thinking… I guess people probably don’t know about these nifty little additions.

With most decent smart thermostats, you can set high and low limit warnings. Meaning, let’s say as an example, if your house temperature drops below 50 degrees you immediately get a text or email saying this. This gives you time before damage occurs to call your heating company to check this out. WAY better than the alternative.

You can also set limits on the humidity in your house. Want to protect those new kitchen cabinets, or that nice hardwood floor? It would be nice to know if your humidifier stopped working before this woodwork starts shrinking and cracking. When my parents lived in Florida they would come spend the summers in New England. But before they left Florida they would make sure the AC wasn’t shut off but, rather, set at higher temperature. The reason is the humidity in Florida can be ridiculously high. To the point mold can start to develop if your house was closed up and the AC wasn’t working. So, again, a smart thermostat could alert you to a high or low humidity condition.

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