HVAC & Air Conditioning Storm Preparedness

With warmer weather quickly coming in over the next few months, we are beginning to see spring and summer storms. If you have HVAC equipment, especially if it’s outside, you may want to take a moment to ensure that your HVAC or air conditioner is properly prepared for any incoming storms.

Make Sure You’re Protected

From a surge that is! If any of your pieces of equipment are simply plugged into a wall, you may want to invest in a surge protector. Much like you would protect sensitive computer equipment like home personal computers or gaming consoles, your furnace or air conditioner may have an on-board computer that could potentially be damaged if a surge of electricity travels through it. A surge protector can help HVAC systems to automatically shut down in the event of a power surge, protecting your expensive equipment from dangerous backfeeding during an electrical storm.

Secure Your Unit

Making sure that HVAC equipment is secure is important, especially if you have a window unit. Ensure that your window air conditioner is properly attached to your window frame and won’t fall out if it’s blown to the side or something hits it. If your window unit is in a ground-floor window, it might not be a huge deal if it falls out, but if it’s on a second floor window or higher, you are very likely to hurt someone or damage your property. Sometimes, it might even be better to temporarily remove the unit from the window until the storm passes.

Cover Your Equipment

When you know a storm is coming, you can cover some of your more sensitive HVAC equipment with a tarp. This doesn’t mean you have to rush outside to cover your air conditioning unit, as your air conditioning unit is made to live outside. Still, if a storm is passing through with the potential to dump debris into your unit, covering it quickly can help keep it clean.

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