Ditch the Window Unit: How to Choose an AC System this Summer

Depending on the size of your home or office, relying on a window air conditioning unit this summer might not be adequate. In that case, ditching the window unit and choosing a new AC system might be your best bet. Here’s a quick look at some common AC window unit issues and the case for central air conditioning.

AC Window Units Woes

Good in a pinch, air conditioning window units can prove problematic for the following reasons: they can be noisy and have a tendency to emit less than pleasant odors into your home. Moreover, dust and debris that build up on the AC fan and motor can decrease the unit’s efficiency, which means that cleaning your unit regularly is crucial. What’s more – unreliable or faulty thermostats, along with cruddy coils, could compromise your AC window units’ efficacy, which is why choosing central air conditioning is key.

Investing in Central Air Conditioning

Granted, we recognize that investing in central air conditioning isn’t exactly cheap. However, given its considerable benefits, central air conditioning is well worth the initial investment and cost.. First of all, in addition to completely cooling your home or office space, central air conditioning provides fantastic air filtration, which can alleviate symptoms experienced by asthma and allergy sufferers.

In the event that you should ever relocate and need to put your home on the market, keep in mind that realtors and homebuyers love central air conditioning systems. They are a solid selling point for your home because with proper maintenance and upkeep these systems are effective and cost-efficient.

On top of this, no one likes to lug out a window AC unit when the temperature starts warming up. Trying to drag an air conditioner out from storage, the basement, or the attic, finding a good central spot for it, making sure it’s level and won’t fall out of the window, and making sure insects and bugs don’t enter from around the unit is infinitely more difficult than flicking a switch on the wall. Which would you prefer?

Look to the Local Guy

Keep in mind when choosing an AC system this summer that you want to stay local. The biggest issue with central air conditioning systems involves routine, professional maintenance. Opting for an AC installation from a business too far from your location will prove inconvenient and ineffective in the long-term.

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