A furnace is an important factor in your home. It’s the backbone to delivering warmth and comfort to your home during cold weather. When a furnace is faulty, not only are you left without warm air in your home, you’re probably fretting the cost of repair or replacement.


The truth is that most furnaces don’t last the lifetime of a home. Furnaces, manufactured recently, only last about 15-20 years, so in your lifetime, you can expect to change out your furnace three or more times. Determining when your furnace has to go isn’t a decision to be made lightly — a furnace replacement can be costly, especially if you plan to overhaul your entire HVAC system in the process.

Many furnaces simply don’t fail to the point of replacement, but, when they do fail, you can be sure it will be on the day you need it the most — usually the coldest day of the year. Furnaces can often be repaired over and over, but understanding at what point a furnace should be replaced rather than repaired is important. Consider each factor that may equal a furnance replacement over repair:

  • Does the furnace keep repeatedly breaking or failing?
  • Does the furnace provide adequate heat output for the entirity of the home?
  • Is the furnace energy efficient enough for today’s standards?
  • Does the furnace utilize the type of fuel you would like to be using (i.e. oil, natural gas, etc)?

Answering these questions can help you determine if a furnace replacement may be right for you. Still, many more questions can be answered with a free quote from Home Air Plus, Inc. We are happy to visit your home and assess your HVAC setup and current furnace to determine if you would benefit from a furnace replacement. Contact us today!