Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Heat Pump What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one source to another. Heat pumps are basically refrigeration systems that help keep your room warm or cool, depending on your needs. A heat pump does not create heat, but instead extracts it from the outside (or inside) and moves it from one area to another.

What use is a heat pump to me?

Heat pumps are a great alternative heat/cool source. A heat pump can help lower your heating and cooling bill year-round. If you are using an electric heating system, a heat pump may be beneficial for you to stay comfortable while keeping energy costs low.

Geothermal Heat PumpHeat pumps, since they run on electricity, don’t produce carbon monoxide. You can run a heat pump all day and not worry about CO poisoning. Heat pumps don’t require fossil fuels (oil, propane, natural gas, etc.) to operate, so there’s never a need to watch a fuel gauge or call for regular fill ups. Furthermore, high efficiency heat pumps can reduce your “carbon footprint”, making a cleaner world for everyone!

Heat pumps are generally as reliable as using a refrigerator. Another great thing about heat pumps is that you don’t necessarily need an air conditioner if you purchase and install a heat pump, as the heat pump can act as the air conditioner in the summer! Sounds great, right?

Heat pumps come in a variety of sizes and efficiencies, and we can help you choose the correct one for your home. We want to make sure your heat pump keeps you happy and comfortable. Schedule a consultation with Home Air Plus today to see if we can get you started on installing your new energy efficient heat pump.

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