Does an extra warm winter mean an extra warm summer?

Extra warm Winter… extra warm Summer too?? The REAL answer is… Oh wait, DARN! My crystal ball just went out again! Okay, I know deep down that global warming is a bad thing but… yeah, it was kind of nice to have an above-average winter. I’m still just recovering from last winter. All I can say is thank you El Niño! Let’s get to the point of this article. I say make summer what YOU want. As a matter of fact, make ALL the seasons what you want. Here at Home Air Plus, we can create any climate environment you’d like in your
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Have a bloody nose? Get rid of it!

HEY YOU! Do you want a bloody nose buddy?! I think most people would answer no to that! I like my nose just the way it is, thank you very much. But when the humidity runs too low in your home this is exactly what you’ll get. Other symptoms include dry skin, annoying static shocks, drying/cracking of wood products (furniture, cabinets, flooring, fine woodworking, etc). Women with long hair know this all too well when their hair just doesn’t want to cooperate and decides to defy gravity (and hair spray), frustrating them to no end. Yup, that’s low humidity. The
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4 Things To Do Right Now to Maintain Your Furnace

I think that most people tend to forget about their heating systems. They sit in the basement (usually) where people don’t visit every day, and, as long as the furnace comes on and does its job…, well, life is good! Maybe you’re the do-it-yourself type and want to give that furnace a go yourself? Well here are some easy tips for keeping your furnace running better and longer. 1: Changing your furnace air filter The furnace air filter, this is probably the easiest and most overlooked. Changing your furnace filter only takes about five minutes to do and will have
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